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Digital technologies (informatics) permeate almost everything we do.

The University of Utah's Informatics Initiative (UI2) empowers students to be digitally aware, digitally literate and digitally enabled. If job preparation and workforce development are your priorities, UI2 is ready to help you navigate the courses, certificates and degrees that explore digital technologies, and then to expanding your knowledge and enhancing your skills in these industry-critical areas. And if you are an educator, we are here to help you design and deploy engaging course material; find fellow researchers and seed funding; and broaden your knowledge and professional network through symposia.

These are the connections that propel us forward. It’s up to U!

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UI2 Mission


The goal of UI2 is to stimulate, cultivate and cross-pollinate an ecosystem around digital technologies. We seek to empower people to individually and collectively study, design, develop and apply digital technologies.

Technology doesn’t start transformations. Empowered people working together do.

Informatics is booming


See the impact informatics is making in Utah.

Leading Tech Occupation Categories
Software and Web Developers
20,756 + 5.4% YoY
IT Support Specialists
10,023 + 4.5% YoY
Network Architects, Admins and Support Specialists
6,088 + 0.4% YoY
Systems and Cybersecurity Analysts
4,954 + 2.0% YoY
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Estimated direct contribution of the tech sector to the Utah economy: $18.5 billion
Estimated Median Tech WagE
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Which is 87% higher than the median state wage